Evansville North Travel Basketball

Evansville North Travel will develop 3rd grade through 8th grade boys and girls teams to compete in local and regional weekend basketball tournaments. Players will be selected based on willingness and desire to improve, parental agreement to requirements, and selection by coaches and officials based on talent/skills assessment.

North Travel Objectives:

-Strengthen North High School basketball program
-Identify, nurture and retain North High School feeder school talent
-Teach advanced basketball skills
-Increase basketball knowledge
-Introduce players to high-level competition and tournament atmosphere
-Host feeder league tournament at North High School
(Learn more about the Husky Hardwood Classic.)

North Travel Requirements:

North Travel grade level team selection is based on player assessments. Parents will agree to the following terms on the behalf of players selected to join a North Travel team:

-Participation in assessments, a minimum of 6-8 weekend tournaments & weekly practice sessions
-Responsibility for paying fee (Includes jersey, tournament entry, facilities)
-Parental commitment to volunteer time for North High School feeder league tournament
-Participation in program fundraiser

Scholarships Available:

Scholarships are available to families of children wishing to participate, but in need of financial assistance. All fees will be waived based on need. Please register online at evansvillenyba.com/scholarship/.