1st & 2nd Grade League Rules

General Information

Evansville North Youth Basketball Association (NYBA) basketball league is a feeder program to Evansville North High School. While scores and records will be kept, and competition will be encouraged, our first priority is fun! NYBA is instructional in nature, and is intended to introduce boys and girls to the rules and fundamentals of basketball, while paving the road to success for future Huskies.

NYBA will follow all current Indiana High School Athletic Association (ISHAA) basketball rules, except where modified by grade division.

Players will be chosen for teams through a draft process. Every player in NYBA is guaranteed a roster spot if entered prior to the league registration deadline. Player assessments prior to the draft will be used by coaches to determine skill and experience level, with the goal of maintaining parity among teams in each grade division. Teams will not be altered following the draft without league approval. An individual may NOT participate in Evansville NYBA sanctioned practices or games unless NYBA registration is completed and a parent or guardian has agreed to waivers on his/her behalf. All games will be played with players from the original team roster.

Every player is guaranteed a minimum of two (2) full quarters of playing time each game, barring injury, or arrival of player after start of the 2nd quarter (refer to “Playing Time Rules” for further details). Every team will have a minimum of a ten (10) game schedule. However, makeup games are not guaranteed. Games canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, i.e. inclement weather, will be rescheduled if possible.

Each team is responsible for either supplying a statistician (scorebook keeper) or scoreboard operator for each game. Coaches should submit team rosters including jersey numbers to the statistician prior to the start of each game. Official scores will be kept and displayed for all NYBA basketball games.

Evansville NYBA has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy toward fighting, flagrant, or intentionally violent fouls, abusive or obscene language and other inappropriate behavior by players, coaches, parents or spectators (refer to “Other Common Rules” for further details).

Common Rules for All Divisions

Playing Time Rules:

1. WITHOUT EXCEPTION (barring injury, or arrival of player after start of the 2nd quarter) – Every player MUST play one (1) full uninterrupted quarter in the first half (Every player must play either the entire 1st or 2nd quarter).
2. WITHOUT EXCEPTION (barring injury, or arrival of player after start of the 2nd quarter) – Every player MUST play at least two (2) full quarters per game.
3. 6-MINUTE RULE: Playing time differential between the individual playing the most in a 24-minute contest, and the individual participating the least is not to exceed 6 minutes.

Please Note: OFFICIALS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MONITORING PLAYING TIME. It is the responsibility of coaches to follow and enforce playing time rules. Coaches should monitor the playing time of opposing players and if a coach is not adhering to the playing time rules, officials should be notified immediately. The official will then ask the coach in question to correct the problem. If the playing time problem is not corrected immediately, or a plan is not developed and carried out to the satisfaction of the opposing coach, the opposing team will receive two (2) points & possession of the ball. If the problem persists further, the game will be forfeited by the offending coach. If playing time rules are broken in ensuing games, Evansville NYBA league officials will review the situation and assess further penalties, up to suspension or removal of the coach from future Evansville NYBA participation.

Other Common Rules:

A game shall consist of four six (6:00) minute quarters with a one (1:00) minute break between quarters and a four (4:00) minute half-time break. The clock will stop on ALL SHOOTING FOULS and TIMEOUTS. Time outs will be approximately one (1:00) minute. Each team will have two (2) time outs per half.  Time outs may not be carried over if unused. Overtime periods will be two (2:00) minutes in length. Each team will get one (1) timeout per overtime period. Tied games after first overtime period will result in an additional overtime period. If the game is tied following two (2) overtime periods, the game will result in a tie.

Stalling will not be permitted. Offense will be expected to initiate play within five (:05) seconds of crossing half-court. Violation of this rule will result in a WARNING for the first offense. Second offense results in two (2) team foul shots plus possession.

Evansville NYBA has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy toward fighting, flagrant, or intentionally violent fouls, as well as use of abusive or obscene language by players, coaches, parents or spectators. Flagrant or intentionally violent fouls, language deemed obscene, abusive or vulgar directed toward players, coaches, officials, parents or spectators by a player or a coach will result in a technical foul and automatic ejection and removal from the gymnasium. Unruly parents or spectators will also be subject to ejection from the gymnasium. Evansville NYBA league officials should be consulted regarding inappropriate conduct of players, coaches, parents or spectators. NYBA has the right review the situation and assess further penalties, up to suspension or removal of the player, coach, parent or spectator in question from future Evansville NYBA participation.

1st & 2nd Grade Rules

1) BASKETBALL SIZE: Junior Size Basketball (27.0)
2) GOAL HEIGHT: 8.5 feet (8’6”)
3) THREE POINT SHOTS: Scored as two (2) points
4) TRAVELING & DOUBLE DRIBBLE: Violations called at the official’s discretion. Officials will enforce violations on a sliding scale, subjectively by individual player’s ability.
5) FREE THROWS / FOUL SHOTS: No free throws. End-line out of bounds play will be granted in the case of fouls normally resulting in free throw shots.
6) LANE VIOLATIONS: Violations not enforced.
7) DEFENSE: Half-court, man-to-man defense only. Zone defenses NOT permitted. Opposing coaches are required to cooperate in matching opposing players man-to-man by ability prior to the start of each quarter. Match-ups should not be changed to gain a competitive advantage. In order to prevent trapping, defense should not engage until the ball is moved by the offense ten (10) feet past mid-court. Violations called at official’s discretion.
8) FULL COURT PRESS: NOT permitted.
9) DOUBLE TEAMING: NOT permitted.
10) STEALS & POSSESSION VIOLATIONS: Steals permissible on passes only, outside of the lane. Stealing off the dribble or while ball is in possession of an offensive player is permitted in the lane only. A player may not stall outside of the lane more than (:05) seconds. Violations of (:05) second rule will result in a turnover.
11) CLEARING OUT: NOT permitted. Offensive plays should be designed to include all players.
12) GAME CLOCK: The clock will stop during timeouts and at the official’s discretion.
13) SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions allowed midway through quarters at the three (3:00) minute mark. Injury substitutions permitted at any time. A player sustaining a minor injury may return to play at the earliest stoppage in play upon recovery. The player replacing the injured player must leave the game.
14) GUARD PLAY: Each player will play guard for a minimum of one (1) full quarter, unless a team has more than eight (8) players. Each player should have the opportunity to dribble the ball from the back court into play several times per game.